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From London to Paris

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Hello Beautiful People!

This is my umpteenth attempt at starting a blog as advised (nagged, lol!) by so many who want me to share my pearls of wisdom on all things hair and beauty.

I decided to kick things off with my recent visit to the Natural Hair Academy Exhibition in Paris! The timing was extraordinary because, for those who don't yet know, my brand Ziuzo recently launched it's own hair care academy to educate, support and mentor all who are on the path to healthy hair growth.

I'm always ready to strike a pose!

For those who have never heard of #nhaparis here comes a little background.... it started in 2012 to cater to our Afro Parisian sister's that needed a place where they could go as a community to find new products, styles and education for their hair, by people who knew their struggles and valued their beauty. Considering that Paris is the beauty capitol of the world it's sad that up until this community came together the hair and beauty industry in Paris did not cater to the needs of the Afro women. Billions of dollars, euros and pounds are spent yearly by this demographic, and yet those funds when spent in research and development are not geared towards our needs.

Sorry for my rant! Anyway, back to my experience at the show...

The venue was the lovely Parc Floral de Paris, absolutely beautiful on this sunny day! The turn out was great, people seemed to have travelled far and wide to attend the show, exhibitors and guest alike.

Beautiful in the sunlight

There were a fair few favourites exhibiting and some exciting new products for me to browse. I was in my happy place for sure!

Live Demo's

There were seminars, talks and live demo's with French and English speaking panellists.

The Panellists were knowledgeable and passionate

To cap it all, there was a spectacular fashion show and an after party with special guests DJ Cuppy and Nigerian Afro-beats superstar Yemi Alade

DJ Cuppy

Yemi Alade

My personal highlight was the fact that there wasn't a weave in sight! The sister's were truly embracing their natural hair in it's fullest!

Overall, a great day, well worth the long bus journey (although next time I will be flying!) We will definitely be back next year, why not join us?

Me with our lovely intern Fatim, who being from Paris helped me to navigate and translate! We had a fabulous day

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